The best way to start my day is with a 30 minute run.

I buy things at Target I know I'll have to return, just to have an excuse to go back in the store!

Sometimes I pretend to be asleep so my husband will deal with the morning poopie diapers.

I can't help but dance when I hear a 90's hip hop song. I've been known to shake my rump while buckling kids in car seats!

I tell my kids the cd player in my car is broken just so I don't have to listen to kids music.

I buy enough white chocolate oreos to last 6 months, though I know I"ll eat within a month.

I have all the Disney VHSes from when I was a kid (and a VCR to play them).

All three of my children slept in the same baby crib that I slept in.

It took me almost 30 years, but I finally learned to SOAR!